How to Disassemble Furniture

Disassemble Furniture

There are many ways to dismantle and disassemble furniture. You can purchase the materials at any home improvement store or you can simply buy a kit online or in a catalogue. Either way, there are some important steps you should take and the tools you will need to complete the job.

Basic Tools

Disassembling your furniture items will require the following tools. First, get your basic tools. A small screwdriver. A pair of pliers. A hammer.

To dismantle furniture properly, you will need to have your tools available at all times. For instance, if you are going to try to remove an old dresser with a drill, you will need a hammer and a screwdriver to put that dresser back together. Ziploc bags are excellent for storing tools for long periods. These bags are great because they are lightweight and are easy to clean.

First Steps

Next, carefully remove a small amount of paint from your dresser. This paint must be removed so that you can remove the hardware that connects the dresser and your other items. If you have an old dresser with drawers, it may also be necessary to remove the drawer doors. This will allow you to see the entire floor plan of the room in which the dresser is located.

Once the removal process is complete, you should wipe down the surface you are working on to ensure that everything is completely clean. Use a rag rug to cover any surface that does not have paint or hardware in it.

To avoid damaging the drawers, use a soft cloth to wipe away the dust. You may also use a small scrub brush to clean the corners of the drawer. If you do accidentally damage the drawer pulls, you can replace them and use another one to fix the damage. It may take you a couple tries to remove as much dust as possible, but be patient. Remember, dusting can take up to two hours depending on the amount of furniture you are trying to remove.

Removing Large Parts

Now, you can begin your job by removing the hinges on each drawer. Using the hammer and pliers, take one of the hinges and place it in the appropriate hole to loosen it. Afterwards, use the screwdriver to loosen the other hinge.

Disassemble Furniture

Withdraw each drawer and place it into the corresponding hole that it goes into. Now, slide each drawer in a different direction until the drawer is inside the hole in the frame of the frame. The next step is to remove the bottom portion of the drawer cover from the frame and place it inside the frame and re-attach it to the bottom of the drawer.

Now that all the drawers are attached, you can attach the hardware that attaches the drawer to the rest of the furniture. Take each drawer that has a single fastener and thread it through one of the fastener holes. Then, repeat the process with the other fasteners.

Final Steps

Once the hardware has been secured, you can replace the hardware over each drawer. You will also want to make sure that all screws are tightened correctly before reinstalling the hardware. If any are loose, you should try to tighten them back to ensure that the drawer stays put.

Finally, use the same screwdriver to remove the nuts that you used in the previous step and replace them onto the screws that are visible at the base of the drawer. Then, turn the drawer over and remove all the hardware. and replace the hardware with new ones.

The final step involves attaching all the hardware. You will use the same screwdriver that you used to tighten all the hardware to attach the hardware to the frame as well as the visible nuts. Use the screw that secures the hardware to the frame of the drawer and secure it to the frame.